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Most Business School Aspirants have raised worry about the titles of the administration degrees offered in India, ordinary observation is that MBA  is the main course which is worthy as a Post Graduate Degree.MBA/PGDM


One of the best example is the IIMs and XLRI’s these top Institutions doesn’t offer MBA. IIMs offer PGP (Post Graduate Diploma Programs) and the Xavier’s Institutes excessively offer PGDM .MBA/PGDM




According to the law in the books (atleast in India), just a University can offer degrees, for example, the MBA, BBA, B.Tech or B.E.

Any Institution which is not partnered to a University can’t offer a degree.

So the IIMs are clearly self-ruling bodies they run autonomously not made a fuss over the Universities and the standards.MBA/PGDM



On comparable lines a few schools have self-sufficient status in India they don’t offer MBA programs,

there are likewise Institutes which are working without affiliating to a University.


These schools keep running under the AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) and henceforth they don’t offer MBA.

Illustrations TAPMI Manipal, Welingkar, Great Lakes Chennai and so on.MBA/PGDMMBA/PGDM




The topic of whether doing a MBA or PGDM if at all emerges, know the Institute’s qualifications first. On the off chance that MBA offered which University it is subsidiary to and whether it is a full time MBA or Distance MBA?

On the off chance that PGDM check if the Institute has Autonomous status or check in the event that it AICTE endorsed or not.MBA/PGDM


Many Aspirants have a huge confusion in their brain on PGDM course and it’s correlation with MBA. This gathering talk will attempt to expound the distinction between these two.


PGDM grows to Post Graduate Diploma in Management, the disarray begins when you see the term Diploma.

Numerous understudies are of the view that it is a Diploma course and not a Degree; you are on the whole correct to a degree that it is a Diploma.

The fundamental motivation behind why postgraduate courses are named as PGDM is on account of when an Institute is a self-sufficient body (which means it is not associated to any University) and behaviors administration courses then such Institutes can’t offer MBA degree.


Indeed, even IIMs, XLRI’s doesn’t offer MBA degrees they just give PGP Diploma or PGDM since they are self-governing and free bodies. On comparable lines AICTE  is permitting affirmed schools to run a PGDM course.

Some Business Schools offering this AICTE PGDM course require not be independent, the PGDM course will be self-governing given by the Institute and straightforwardly affirmed by AICTE, Ministry of HRD, Govt of India.


Similarly, UGC – University Grants Commission controls the Universities in India, AICTE – All India Council for Technical Education has control on both specialized and administration courses and particularly schools not under Universities.

Indeed, even schools offering UGC perceived MBA Programs as a rule ought to have AICTE endorsement.MBA/PGDM


Benefits If you choose Autonomous Colleges:
At the point when an Institute secures self-governance .

they plan their own particular educational modules to be instructed as opposed to taking after obsolete University syllabus.

In fact syllabus change influences college affiliating schools, the books should be updated and the personnel needs to overhaul themselves.


Whereas in PGDM, since the schools have self-sufficiency the educational modules can be overhauled frequently relying upon the need in the Industry

. Subsequently one can state that PGDM courses are more Industry pertinent, avant-garde when contrasted with MBA courses.

However University MBA Programs too are of esteem, it thoroughly relies on upon the University one wish to do MBA.

For example FMS Delhi offers MBA – Delhi University, Symbiosis offers MBA – Symbiosis University, Narsee Monjee offers MBA.MBA/PGDM


What Points Aspirants Must Check?
While deciding on PGDM courses, understudies must practice alert and check the accreditation status of the school. Universities offering PGDM courses should be authorize by AICTE. If there should arise an occurrence of MBA,

the schools are partnered to a University and Universities are controlled by University Grants Commission (UGC) and the schools may likewise get licensed by AICTE.MBA/PGDM

Is PGDM equivalent to MBA?-Big Question

Not really that a PGDM is equivalent to MBA.

But in light of the fact that if PGDM is to be a proportional to MBA then the it is offering to PGDM

(The Association of Indian Universities).MBA/PGDM

There is a great deal of contrast between AIMA PGDM and AICTE PGDM. MBA/PGDM

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