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NEET RANK PREDICTOR 2018 is an important tool for all the students in class 12th.The time after your 12th boards is really critical as it is the time for you to decide what to do next in your career. One common career option for students who are from the science background is studying MBBS or BDS from a reputed university or college in India. The NEET or National Eligibility Entrance Test is carried out on a national basis to filter out the top students for getting admission into the most sought after medical colleges in India. Through this exam, the students can get admission in all medical colleges, including government run and private institutions. This year, the exam is scheduled to be held in the month of May. The exam is a single stage one where the students will have to face an objective type paper.

The students interesting in opting for the medical stream have to brace themselves up for facing difficult to unexpectedly difficult questions and solve them with a flicker of their wrist. Physics, Chemistry, and Biology are the three subjects in which the students will be tested for knowledge and smartness.

If you are someone who has plans to appear for the NEET 2018 this time, would you not want to try out the NEET rank predictor 2018? Why don’t you try to get an idea of your rank and the colleges that you might be eligible for admission, based on your expected NEET score! Each time you are done with your exams, a different sense of fear and apprehension grabs you. Doesn’t it? Well, Admission Advice is ready for your help! You can try out our NEET 2018 rank predictor and get a brief idea of how your future would shape into!

Before you ask us what the NEET rank predictor 2018 is all about, we would just like to tell you that with it you can get an insight into your probable rank and your position among lakhs of other students who are going to appear for the test along with you.


NEET RANK PREDICTOR 2018 from Admission Advice is an excellent tool that allows the students to have a brief and accurate insight about the ranks they are going to score in the 2018 NEET examination. Once you appear for the examination this year in May, you will get a rough estimation about your position in the rank list. We would like you to know that this rank that our rank predictor will give you, is not the exact rank that you will score! The actual rank could vary depending upon the numerous external factors like cut-offs etc. However, at Admission Advice, we ensure that you get the most accurate and closest predicted rank to your actual rank.

Why do we say this?

This is because of our past experiences. It has been proved from previous years that the rank predicted by our NEET rank predictor does not vary considerably from the original rank. This is the reason we are the number one choice for our students who are eager to know about their mock rank once they finish answering their questions.


NEET RANK PREDICTOR 2018 takes into consideration the ranking structure of the previous year. After this, it tallies them with the current year’s questions. Depending upon the differences in the difficulty level of the questions of both the years, the tool successfully calculated the expected rank of the students in the present year.

However, the main factor on which this rank depends is the score that you provide us with. The more accurate is your expected score, the more accurate is the rank predictor’s expected rank. Therefore, you must carefully calculate the expected scores in each section of your paper, add them up and then give the rank predictor an expected score. The rest is on the tool!

The entire process is based on estimations drawn from assumptions of previous result ranks and marks. Therefore, we request you to not entirely depend on this ranking for your future.


The steps that you will need to follow for getting the results are:

  • Provide your name,email ID and phone number as well.
  • After that, you will be asked to enter your expected marks in the NEET exam 2018. Enter the marks and submit it to the tool.
  • It’s done! You will get a detailed analysis and rank prediction including the best colleges that you can expect!

Why makes us the best?

While there are other NEET RANK PREDICTOR 2018, we are proud to announce ourselves as the best in this sector. Our claim is backed by over 10 years of experience in this field. We have been counselling students for medical and engineering for over 9 years now and we have a used student database that we analyse to give you an accurate result. So, you can obviously expect the best from us!

  • Our results are the most accurate as compared to the other Rank predictors.
  • We have a team of experts who are the leaders in this section of work. They invest their knowledge in getting you the best of your efforts.
  • We have an experience of counselling more than 500 students in a single year.

Check out our NEET RANK PREDICTOR 2018 right now and know what future beholds for you!

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