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Government Engineering College, Raipur

Government Engineering College, Raipur is one of the most renowned technical institutes having good potential to provide the quality education and infrastructure facilities.

The highly eminent teachers and the congenial academic atmosphere of the Government Engineering College, Raipur make it different from all other institutes.

Various industries in Raipur and surroundings have always been availing research and development facilities and required academic support to new budding graduates for their needs from the Government Engineering College, Raipur.

Government Engineering College, Raipur

These industries are also giving the Government Engineering College, Raipur a unique advantage of industry, institute interaction in various disciplines of engineering.

However, a large number of students from Government Engineering College, Raipur have been selected in various campus interviews conducted by multi-national companies like Satyam Computers and Sintel.

Our Admission Helpline Number: 9667532500

Further. the students of Government Engineering College, Raipur are also devoted to extracurricular activities. Also, the students of Government Engineering College, Raipur will surely be well placed in Government Organization, Public & Private sectors, multi-national companies, research organizations in India and Abroad.

Government Engineering College, Raipur


The Government Engineering College has the following main objectives :

1. Firstly, to improve the quality of teaching and tools of the learning process. To develop excellent education atmosphere and students to keep live contact with the Institute of international standard.
2. Secondly, all-round development of the personality of students through various social, cultural and literary activities.
3. Also, to pursue and train students to excel in the fields of IT and other technologies areas.

4. Moreover, Government Engineering College wants to get recognition nationality for engineering education, research and for leadership in the profession.
5. Further, Government Engineering College wants to establish contacts and partnerships with different leading industries and professional organizations for higher education and placement.
6. Also, Government Engineering College, Raipur want to achieve the best results in the semester examination year after year.

Government Engineering College, Raipur

The college campus of Government Engineering College, Raipur is located in Sejbahar, Old Dhamtari Road, Raipur.

The campus of Government Engineering College, Raipur having beautiful building housing spacious classrooms, Laboratories, central computing facility, seminar and conference hall, Central Library, Boys/Girls common room, drawing hall, language lab and sports complex all around.

The various buildings of the Government Engineering College, Raipur are functionally having very well design. Justifying to the competency of architects and engineers involved. The total built-up area of Government Engineering College, Raipur is as per the AICTE norms.

Government Engineering College, Raipur

BACHELOR OF ENGINEERING [B.E]  –  24,695/-  Per Year  –  4 Years Course (Full Time)

1st YEAR    –  24,695/-

2nd YEAR   –  24,695/-

3rd YEAR   –  24,695/-

4th YEAR   –  24,695/-

Chattisgarh-Pre-Engineering-Test Cut Off 2017 

BE Computer Science and EngineeringGeneral111
BE Computer Science and EngineeringSchedule Caste70
BE Computer Science and EngineeringSchedule Tribe68
BE Computer Science and EngineeringGeneral PH41
BE Computer Science and EngineeringGeneral Ex-Serviceman61
BE Computer Science and EngineeringST Girl68
BE Computer Science and EngineeringOther Backward Class72
BE Computer Science and EngineeringOBC Girl73
BE Computer Science and EngineeringSC Girl74
BE Computer Science and EngineeringGeneral FF106
BE Computer Science and EngineeringGeneral Girl106
BE Electronics & Telecom EngineeringGeneral82
BE Electronics & Telecom EngineeringSchedule Caste59
BE Electronics & Telecom EngineeringSchedule Tribe51
BE Electronics & Telecom EngineeringGeneral Ex-Serviceman42
BE Electronics & Telecom EngineeringSC Girl55
BE Electronics & Telecom EngineeringST Girl57
BE Electronics & Telecom EngineeringOBC Girl59
BE Electronics & Telecom EngineeringOther Backward Class61
BE Electronics & Telecom EngineeringGeneral FF71
BE Electronics & Telecom EngineeringGeneral Girl71
BE Mechanical EngineeringGeneral99
BE Mechanical EngineeringSchedule Caste65
BE Mechanical EngineeringSchedule Tribe69
BE Mechanical EngineeringST Ex-Serviceman46
BE Mechanical EngineeringGeneral Ex-Serviceman48
BE Mechanical EngineeringGeneral PH48
BE Mechanical EngineeringST Girl50
BE Mechanical EngineeringSC Girl57
BE Mechanical EngineeringOBC Girl60
BE Mechanical EngineeringOther Backward Class74
BE Mechanical EngineeringGeneral FF105
BE Mechanical EngineeringGeneral Girl105
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