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Govt Women’s Polytechnic Muzaffarpur.
This institution Govt. Women´s Polytechnic, Bela Industrial Area, MIC, Phase-II, Muzaffarpur, Bihar dedicated to the cause of top-quality technical and professional education with the motto “Social Transformation through Dynamic Education”.
We believe in fostering a climate that encourages learning and personal growth.
We value a commitment to excellence in all we do.
This is the place where you can find the Institute of your dreams.

Govt Women’s Polytechnic Muzaffarpur

We are in the pursuit of global standards of excellence in all our endeavors and we aim at creating all rounded personality in our students – professionally and socially.
To align with our innovative teaching practices, we have excellent faculty and state of the art infrastructural facilities and laboratories. Learning is a continuous process at our campus.
The teaching in the present time is being done Semester wise.

Govt Women’s Polytechnic Muzaffarpur

I wish to put my appreciations and gratitude to the esteemed, highly qualified and honored faculty of our institution for their continuous, untiring efforts and immense contributions without which we could not have crossed so many milestones and reached to present levels of achievements.
The holistic approach of the institute stimulates innovation among students by inspiring fresh ideas with different perceptiveness, creative thinking and strong conviction to achieve true success.
Also, you can consult with Polytechnic Admission Advice for further information.

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