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Guru Jambheshwar University, Hisar

GJU, Guru Jambheshwar University, Hisar is north India’s first university getting 3rd time continuous ‘A’ by NAAC.

First of all, Guru Jambheshwar University, Hisar is having a good location.

Guru Jambheshwar University, Hisar is located about 1 km from the Hisar Airport; and 2 km from the Blue Bird Lake; And  3 km from the bus station along the National Highway 10, another 4 km from the town center & main market area;6 km from the Hisar Junction railway station; and 6 km from Mahabir Stadium; The distance is so less furthermore it is quite easy and approachable.

Also, Guru Jambheshwar University, Hisar is 167 km from the Indira Gandhi International Airport; 180 km from the New Delhi railway station; and 235 km from the Chandigarh International Airport.

Guru Jambheshwar University, Hisar

Furthermore, Guru Jambheshwar University, Hisar opted for accreditation by National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC).

Guru Jambheshwar University, Hisar is an autonomous organization of the University Grants Commission, in 2001-02.

Our Admission Helpline Number: 9667532500

As a result of the exercise, the NAAC accredited Guru Jambheshwar University, Hisar at “A” level (institutional score 85%).

However, Guru Jambheshwar University, Hisar is situated on about 372 acres. in addition, Approximately 200 acres have been developed.

Guru Jambheshwar University, Hisar

Furthermore, the university has seven teaching blocks. In addition to this, there are 149 residential houses for employees. So the Construction work for staff quarters and sewer line is in progress. The Admission Process for students.

So Many more are planned. In conclusion, the university has the branch of Punjab National Bank with ATM and a post office. The university is running its own cafeteria.

 Course & Fees:
Bachelor  Of Technology  –  55,000/- Per Year  –  4 Years Course (Full Time)
 1st Year   –  55,000/-
 2nd Year  –  55,000/-
 3rd Year  –  55,000/-
 4th Year  –  55,000/-
1.  Printing Technology
2. Computer Science & Engineering
4. Biomedical Engineering
5. Mechanical Engineering
6. Electrical Engineering
7. Civil Engineering

Guru Jambheshwar University, Hisar

JEE Main Cut Off 2016

B.Tech Mechanical EngineeringGeneral539067184281381105958
B.Tech Mechanical EngineeringSchedule Caste347418442059
B.Tech Mechanical EngineeringBCB108847110282
B.Tech Mechanical EngineeringBCA114056160379
B.Tech Mechanical EngineeringSBC130543166124
B.Tech Computer Science and EngineeringGeneral64260706307431989940
B.Tech Computer Science and EngineeringSchedule Caste352521615391
B.Tech Computer Science and EngineeringSBC92898121806
B.Tech Computer Science and EngineeringBCB112717125935
B.Tech Computer Science and EngineeringEBC171886194704
B.Tech Computer Science and EngineeringBCA182384203364
B.Tech Information TechnologyGeneral9626996269
B.Tech Information TechnologySchedule Caste615606643920
B.Tech Information TechnologyBCB138750151579
B.Tech Information TechnologySBC151759151759
B.Tech Information TechnologyBCA204878272267
B.Tech Information TechnologyEBC249284249284
B.Tech Electronics & Communication EngineeringGeneral96767116135
B.Tech Electronics & Communication EngineeringSchedule Caste464066591130
B.Tech Electronics & Communication EngineeringBCB153052153052
B.Tech Electronics & Communication EngineeringSBC177555177555
B.Tech Electronics & Communication EngineeringBCA245786245786
B.Tech Electronics & Communication EngineeringEBC249170469381
B.Tech Biomedical EngineeringGeneral125073125073235945235945
B.Tech Printing TechnologyGeneral133462168710208945233171
B.Tech Printing TechnologySchedule Caste6427071088440
B.Tech Printing TechnologyBCB290795290795
B.Tech Printing TechnologyEBC316744316744
B.Tech Printing TechnologySBC429201429201
B.Tech Printing TechnologyBCA460175460175
B.Tech Food TechnologyGeneral231165231165
B.Tech Food TechnologyBCA320215346031
B.Tech Food TechnologyBCB324324330785
B.Tech Food TechnologyEBC386184386184


Guru Jambheshwar University, Hisar


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