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Guru Nanak College Of Pharmacy

Guru Nanak College Of Pharmacy

Under the aegis of The Sikh Education Society, Guru Nanak College Of Pharmacy (Diploma in Pharmacy) was established in the year of 1983.

The main aim of starting Guru Nanak College Of Pharmacy was to promote the self-employment among the youth and hence to help in reducing unemployment.

Since then the Guru Nanak College Of Pharmacy by offering highly qualified faculty and quality infrastructure and facilities has been a reference standard for many other institutes running similar courses.

Guru Nanak College Of Pharmacy

In the subsequent year’s graduate (2004) and postgraduate courses(2009) in the pharmacy were also introduced in Guru Nanak College Of Pharmacy.

However, Guru Nanak College Of Pharmacy is having an extension on 10 acres of land away from the hustle & bustle of busy city traffic, in the peaceful area of Nari which is very well within the Nagpur city limits near to Pili river.

A spacious, well planned, well lit, well-ventilated building surrounded by the lush green campus is many neighbor’s envies.

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In fact, Guru Nanak College Of Pharmacy has been successful in imparting quality education in pharmacy at all levels throughout these years. It is also providing a good platform to carry out the research activities. That is recognized at both national and international levels.


To create a globally competent pharmacist

Guru Nanak College Of Pharmacy

Guru Nanak College Of Pharmacy


• Firstly, to impart outcome-based learning to the students of all hues. That is on a common platform by identifying and channelizing their potential for achieving a consistent quality education.

•  Secondly, to inculcate and enrich core competencies. That is by combining academics, research, intellectual stimulation. that, it will produce dynamic and proficient pharmacists committed to serving the society and practice pharmacy in an ethical manner.

•  Further, to encourage ingenious thinking in individuals for enhancing innovativeness in their actions and ideas.

Guru Nanak College Of Pharmacy


The programme aims to create dynamic and proficient pharmacist who will after graduation:

•  Firstly, demonstrate their technical expertise for successful careers in pharmaceutical industry. Further, in academia, government organization, hospitals, other organizations and as an entrepreneur.

•  Secondly, demonstrate lifelong learning. That is by adapting to constantly changing healthcare needs and contributing to the development of new products and solutions.

•  Further, demonstrate high standards of ethical conduct, commitment, leadership, positive attitude while practicing pharmacy.

•  Also, demonstrate effective communication verbally or non- verbally when interacting with an individual group or an organization.

•  Then, demonstrate social concern by promoting the practice of pharmacy for improving and sustaining the quality of life.


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