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Kannur Medical College

Kannur Medical College

Kannur Medical College is a private self-financing medical college located in Anjarakandy.

In fact, Kannur Medical College enjoys a worldwide reputation for its high-quality content and rich hands-on experience it provides with international exposure.

However, for a country Like India, this international orientation including education and training is a must for survival in an increasingly internationalized world.

However, Kannur Medical College is attempting to make medical education as accessible as possible to students. Further, Kannur Medical College is subsidizing the medical education, which means that tuition fees can be kept relatively low especially compared with the other institutions in the state.

Kannur Medical College


Firstly, to prepare the students to see beyond geographical limits and belong to a new age of acquisition and application of technology. That is to meet the challenges of the changing world thereby contributing to the socio-economic welfare of our country.

Secondly, to nurture this Campus into a center of excellence for technical and professional education. Thereby to lead India in quality processes and procedures.

Our Admission Helpline Number: 9667542500

Further, interwoven with freedom of flexibility in the molding of professionals of superior quality dedicated to the progress and development of humanity and one day produce Nobel Laureates from this very institutions for the benefit of mankind.

Kannur Medical College

Kannur Medical College


→Firstly, to organize programmes.
→Secondly, to foster understanding, brotherhood, and cooperation among students of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds and foreign students.
→Further, to instill discipline, hard work, and passion in the field of their profession.
→Moreover, to prompt them to contribute to the upliftment of the backward areas.

Kannur Medical College

→Then, to sensitize them on their responsibilities towards the society at large to fight social evils.
→Also, to provide placement opportunities in the field of Medicine, Health Science, Higher Technology, and Management.
→Further, to undertake Postgraduate programmes, Research, and fellowship and research work in various fields.
→Moreover, to associate and network with Global institutions/ Universities and professionals for the dissemination of Knowledge.


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