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Rank Predictor

Rank Predictor

Candidates after appearing for the exams are curious to know their ranks. Admission Advice has developed the rank predictor tool which will help the candidates to get an idea about their probable ranks even before the declaration of the result.

To use rank predictor, candidates will have to furnish certain information and follow the steps that are given so that they get to know about the possible rank which they will get in the exam. Firstly the candidates will have to register themselves so that they can use the rank predictor 2018.

After registering they will have to provide inputs such as the probable marks that they will score, the category to which they belong, when did they take the exam and in which year did they pass the class XII. Once the candidates have mentioned all the information in the rank predictor, they will have to click on predict now button, which will give the estimated rank of the candidate.

Information Displayed By The Rank Predictor

  • The details that will be displayed by the rank predictor will include the likely rank which the candidate will get depending on the category to which he/ she belongs.
  •  The rank predictor will also indicate the qualifying status of the candidate.
  • The tool will also indicate the eligibility of the candidates for admission to the IITs, GFTIs and the NITs.

Depending on the inputs provided by the candidates, the rank predictor will indicate the predicted result.