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December 21, 2018


Govt Polytechnic Cheeka Kaithal
Govt Polytechnic Cheeka Kaithal. In fact, the Govt Polytechnic Cheeka Kaithal has been set up from the academic session 2006-07. That is with Diploma in Computer Engineering and sanctioned intake of 40 students, guest classes at GBN Government Polytechnic, Nilokheri. Further, from academic session September 2009-10, Govt Polytechnic Cheeka Kaithal has started functioning in its own campus...
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Govt Polytechnic Manesar Gurgaon
Govt Polytechnic Manesar Gurgaon. First of all, Govt Polytechnic Manesar Gurgaon is a well-established college in the region. In fact, Aim of Govt Polytechnic Manesar Gurgaon to provide the latest technical skills for suitable employment through technical education. However, today Govt Polytechnic Manesar Gurgaon, Haryana is running 6 Diploma courses. That is with a full house of...
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BKN Govt Polytechnic Narnaul Mahendergarh
BKN Govt Polytechnic Narnaul Mahendergarh. At BKN Govt Polytechnic Narnaul Mahendergarh, we aspire to develop students who are knowledgeable, who have their own thought process and can follow their dreams. In fact, BKN Govt Polytechnic Narnaul Mahendergarh focuses on learning from the past while remaining open to future innovations. Further, BKN Govt Polytechnic Narnaul Mahendergarh believes that...
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Govt Polytechnic Nanakpur Panchkula. Government Polytechnic Nanakpur situated in Nanakpur village of district Panchkula (Haryana). In fact, it is commenced from July 2018 is in stride with the changing needs of society, as change is the most powerful force in the current world. Further, with the total area of 10 acres, the institute has all...
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Govt Polytechnic Education Society Morni Panchkula
Govt Polytechnic Education Society Morni Panchkula. Initially, Govt Polytechnic Education Society Morni Panchkula established in 2008-09, as Govt. Polytechnic for Women at Morni, Panchkula. That is with a sanctioned intake of 60 in Diploma in Computer Engg., and intake of 60 in Diploma in Hotel Management. Later on, in 2014, Diploma of Hotel Management was discontinued...
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