Refund Policy

GLN Admission Advice Pvt. Ltd. is customer oriented and we have customer-friendly cancellation and refund policy. We believe it is the right of all clients to be satisfied with services or ask for a refund or cancel a service after placing order. However, cancellations and refunds are subject to the following terms:

  • You must register and choose the service and duration for which you need the service. You must make payment in order to become eligible member with rights to desired services.
  • Services are governed by terms of use so please read terms carefully.
  • If you place an order and make payment but if you change your plans immediately before making any use and gaining any benefit from registration and you wish to cancel your order you can do so. And if you cancel after making payment but without making use of the service you can ask for a refund provided such request is made within a week of making payment and provided we check and find that you have not made any use of your account or gained from it. If you consult us or our panel this means you have made use of service and you will not be eligible for refund even though you have not proceeded further.
  • If you register, make payment and make use of this site and have received services but these have not met your expectations you can ask for refund. However, in this case we will examine the issue in detail to find out precisely the reasons why you are not satisfied. If we are satisfied that your claims are legitimate and based on genuine grounds we shall process your request for full refund. If we find that we have rendered service but you have not made use of it for any reason then, in that case, you will not be eligible for refund.
  • If you register but do not make any use of any service and if your service period lapses and if you make a claim for cancellation and refund thereafter, such claim will not be entertained. Even during pendency of service period if you do not make use and simply lodge a claim for refund it shall not be considered. Please decide with care before you register and make payment.
  • If you find we have provided misleading guidance or information you can ask for refund and it shall be granted provided you can substantiate your claim, which will also be verified by our panel of experts.
  • In any case if and when refund is initiated in part or full, it shall be made the same way payment was originally made to us. It takes time for refunds to be credited to your account depending on the intermediate payment processor and the bank concerned. It may take anywhere from one week to one month and we are not responsible for such organizations and their delays in processing and crediting to your account. , Organizational levies & charges shall be imposed to the client’s account
  • If you register and make payment and ask for services that are not available or offered or beyond what is available then we shall cancel your subscription and refund you the amount provided you have not made use of our site for any other service in which such services was rendered and refund shall not be considered after your subscription lapses.