Admission Advice

Govt Polytechnic Shergarh Kaithal Firstly, Govt Polytechnic Shergarh Kaithal is a well-established polytechnic in the region. Further, our aim is to provide the latest technical skills. That is for suitable employment through technical education. However, the Institute, Govt Polytechnic Shergarh Kaithal is situated at the main National Highway NH-65 at Jind Road. That is with acquiring … Read more

Govt Polytechnic Cheeka Kaithal. In fact, the Govt Polytechnic Cheeka Kaithal has been set up from the academic session 2006-07. That is with Diploma in Computer Engineering and sanctioned intake of 40 students, guest classes at GBN Government Polytechnic, Nilokheri. Further, from academic session September 2009-10, Govt Polytechnic Cheeka Kaithal has started functioning in its own campus … Read more